Themerex Banner Manager

Themerex Banner Manager – WordPress Plugin, designed to create and manage banners. With the help of Plugin Themerex Banner Manager you can:

  • Create and manage banners
  • Group banners by location or topics, advertiser
  • Easily set size parameters
  • Limit the number of displays
  • Set start and end dates
  • Use widget to display banners
  • Use shortcode to display banners
  • Insert banners into pages or posts content

In ID’s parameter in [ trex_banner ] shortcode you can set several comma separated ID’s i.e. [ trex_banner ids=’100, 101, 102’ ]

You can set count=’1’ in [ trex_banner ] shortcode for random banner to display.

You can put js, iframe, shortcode, text or html in content field, on banner creation page.

You can limit dates and/or number of shows for banners.

Plugin Themerex Banner Manager is translation ready, contains translation files (.po, .mo).

Plugin Themerex Banner Manager is compatible with google adsense.

You can assign an image for each banner and it will be shown on hover.

On banner page creation in “Banner <head> Code” field you can add any JS code that should be placed into <head> container.

How To Use Themerex Banners Widget

Vertical Banner

Horizontal Banner

Random Banner from Group

[ trex_banner group='banner_group' ]

Banner With Shortcode Slider