Businesses exist to make money. There is a lot to be said about the sense of achievement, purpose, and personal fulfilment that comes from running a successful operation, but in the end, people need to make money to live, and our businesses couldn’t exist without making profit. But should making profit be the sole goal  [...]

Decision making is a key element of the success of a business, and dealing with the positive and negative effects is a matter of necessity. It is important to understand that decision making is not a one-time event, but a collaborative process that is intended to bring multiple perspectives to the table for open discussion.  [...]

Letting go of command brings big returns For most of the 20th century, corporations were driven by the means of production, and the production of physical products meant that strict, vertical hierarchies filled with standardized practices, red tape, and clear lines of control, or command, were deemed best for driving profit. All that is changing.  [...]

Whether we are talking about organizations or businesses, money is a vital factor. Although we speak of the “bottom line” as a euphemism for money, we do what we do for many reasons, but ultimately it comes down to earning a living. Unfortunately, this effort to live can overlook the human side of things. Customers  [...]

Big Picture Thinking has to do with providing the clearest understanding of a problem, question, issue, change or whatever the event is along with the consequent effects. Decision-makers, including consultants (ask your consulting firm if they use the FoRSE™) should have as comprehensive a picture as possible before moving on a decision. As mentioned in  [...]

Another critical component of big picture thinking concerns the ripple effects the organizational purposes have on community, whether corporate or external. Recall that the purposes of any organization, including business, are the conceptual ideals, the driving vision, either for the organization as a whole and for any decisions as these have an impact on goals  [...]

Big picture thinking includes a process of understanding the impact that decision making will have on different aspects of the organization and community at large, whether directly or indirectly through ripple effects. One of the main system clusters within the FoRSE™ Matrix System is the Form or Design of the objective in question. In order  [...]

Competitive market forces of the current economic climate mean that more and more companies are seeking consulting in the hopes of improving efficiency while reducing costs. Although that has always been the goal of large businesses, this era has seen a marked rise due to the cult of efficiency surrounding productivity and profits. However, forsaking  [...]

As a company, you are in business to be profitable, whether it’s for the company’s public shareholders or private owners. Beyond this basic goal, many business leaders today take a threefold approach to the issue by trying to stay profitable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly as well. Only when a company is intimately connected to  [...]