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 Employ the FoRSE® Big Picture Matrix in YOUR DECISION-MAKING & Consulting

Family of Related Systemic Elements (FoRSE) software to ensure alignment of your Purposes, Form or Design and Infrastructure as these system clusters affect and are affected by Individual well-being, Community or corporate (and environmental) well-being, and the guiding Principles that inform (and “drive”) it all particularly in these strategic areas:

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  • Ripple effects of decision-making
  • Current/future state
  • Elements alignment
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal achievement
  • Performance
  • Direction

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  • Risk management
  • Symptoms & purposes
  • Reformulation
  • Issue tracking
  • Solutions

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  • Log & categorize
  • Intelligent categories
  • Research organization

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  • Employee
  • Management
  • Customers/clients
  • Campaigns

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  • Intel
  • Engagement
  • Understanding
  • System alignment
  • Big picture thinking level

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  • Organizational development
  • Leadership development
  • Personal well-being & engagement
  • Corporate well-being
  • Talent management
  • Recruitment
  • Pre-screening

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Our guarantee to you

Within 30 days of implementing our proven FoRSE® Big Picture Matrix, you will immediately see the benefits of not only saving time and money, you’ll experience improved decisions and sustainable solutions. We are so confident that you will see positive results, we offer a money-back guarantee. Contact us for details.

“The FoRSE Big Picture Matrix enables users to answer critical questions about their current organizational goals and procedures. Employing this systematic, self-guided tool, Blane Després [of Ripple Deep Consulting] set us on a path of discovery that has crystallized our objectives and, more importantly, realigned our operations with them. Any organization looking to truly embed holistic change and maximize profit going forward should contact Ripple Deep without delay.”


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1. Are you suggesting that we aren’t making good decisions?

No organization can afford to rest on its laurels or assume it is already performing at peak if one of its principal goals is to be the best in its field of expertise or service. If you’ve already got everything cased and are functioning at a satisfactory level, then why change? On the other hand, if you want a truly systemic perspective that penetrates deeply, and you want to ensure that you’re achieving the best or optimal level, if you want to save time and money in the decision-making process and/or consulting initiative, then you’ll want to at the very least check out the FoRSE Big Picture Matrix. You may very well be practicing good decision-making. But how could you know if you’ve covered all the particulars, got all the feedback needed, are truly clear about your issues, intentions, proposals, etc., have right-now data with which to make the best decisions? We provide a unique SaaS decision-making tool to help you achieve your best.

2. Why do we need consulting, decision-making software?

It’s the future already here. Are you enjoying right-now data, in-house control of consultations and timelines? Or are you using antiquated methods of decision-making, such as prioritize lists, decision matrix, SWOT analysis, pro-con, or majority rule, etc.? Can you get instant feedback, graphed with commentary and display of acceptance level for your solution options or thinking? The FoRSE Big Picture Matrix gives you that control and immediate response.

3. Do you provide consulting services, too?

Yes, we do. We are Ripple Deep Consulting and we employ System Thinking in our processes to maximize sustainable, positive outcomes anywhere people are involved.

4. For what else could we use the FoRSE Big Picture Matrix system?

Besides being a comprehensive consulting, decision-making tool, the FoRSE Big Picture Matrix is useful for knowledge management, research, problem analysis, as a measure for a variety of functions, with each of these categories hosting a series of additional areas. You will save on consulting for sure.

5. What is System Thinking and how could it help us?

You’ve likely heard of and used such terms as big picture and 30,000 foot view. System Thinking uses those vantage points along with a broader and deeper, sometimes more penetrating consideration of the hosts of variables that are interconnected with and to an organization’s existence and purpose. System Thinking regards a problem (or question or issue) as comprising more than the sum of its parts. That is, practically everything is viewed as interconnected in some way or other. The FoRSE Big Picture Matrix provides unique SaaS that will sprint you ahead anywhere where people and environment are affected.

6. So, what's the cost?

Reasonable @ $200 USD. But of course, that depends on your current costs associated with employee disengagement, decision-making and consulting. Overall, the FoRSE Big Picture Matrix will save you both money and time. If you compare our service with other contenders in the decision-making & consulting field, and if you want convenient while excellent service at your fingertips, we believe you’ll make us your go-to choice. After all, why continue with clumsy (and usually inadequate) surveys or scales and lists or rock-paper-scissors for decisions?

7. Will this work for smaller organizations, or individuals?

The FoRSE Big Picture Matrix will work anywhere decision-making is practiced, for any size organization and business, to the individual (aspiring) leader, C-Suite, manager, clarity-seeker. The challenge for smaller organizations and businesses tends to be time. You need someone to apply the FoRSE Matrix findings and then (here’s the crunch) act on the outcomes. If you’re ready, we can talk more about this and strategies to help. We’re about your success.

8. How does this differ from Agile or PROSCI or other QA and performance improvement methods?
There are numerous methods available to organizations and businesses to help improve things, from management, to supply chain, to processes, to products, and so on. Stepping back a moment from each of those named processes, notice even there you’ve got to get feedback, assess the data, and make decisions? That’s where the FoRSE Big Picture Matrix comes in, again. No matter where you are in the process of changing something, or your goal pursuit, you’re going to need to ask and answer the right questions. You will need to phrase those questions clearly, concisely and conscientiously. Want to know how your organization employees, stakeholders or community think about your initiatives, your Purpose, your brand? The FoRSE Matrix will provide answers to best guide your decisions and actions. See the 6 strategic areas above under Employ the FoRSE Big Picture Matrix in Your Decision-Making & Consulting for ideas.

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