What is Bigger Picture Thinking?

Applying the Science of Systems Thinking to Decision Making

When something happens in the business world, we are too often tempted to quickly glance at a result, and immediately determine what we think to be the cause of it based on a limited analysis. This is an age-old character trait of human beings. It makes sense to our minds. We associate results from direct causes, and often choose the simplest route.

But this way of thinking betrays us as issues become more complex. For example, a political issue such as a failing economy will often be attributed to a scapegoat, a single policy or perhaps a group of individuals, when in reality there are multiple issues that contribute, not to mention random chance.

That is where bigger picture thinking comes in. When dealing with complex business issues, it is vital to see the whole picture and not just a few factors before you make a decision. So what is bigger picture thinking, anyway?

The Whole Picture

It means that you and your organization need to take into consideration multiple points of view and see issues from different – and often opposite – perspectives.

All of the elements must be taken into consideration – all of the possible root causes, outcomes, and ripple effects into your company. Each one needs to be laid out, considered, and analyzed in regards to how it will support your company’s goals as well as its overall purpose. Simply saying “profits are down, we need to cut costs” is not going to cut it. In determining the best strategy toward achieving goals, you must put your company in the best possible position to succeed. To do this, you need the right guidance and tools.

How does the FoRSE™ Matrix help?

The FoRSE™ Matrix system exposes all of the elements of an issue for you to see. It lays out all of the information, interested parties, possible outcomes, and effects of an issue or decision so that you can make the proper connections.

With it, you will be able to see how factors relate and interact, which one causes which, and which ones are simply just correlated and not causing each other. With this bigger picture, you can more effectively determine the best path towards success and more efficiently concentrate on the issues that are actually affecting your organization, rather than wasting time elsewhere.

Seeing the big picture is crucial to success in the 21st Century business landscape. Rehashed analysis doesn’t do justice to your company’s complex issues. If you take the bigger picture view into consideration, you can see all of the factors that affect your business, and how to best deal with them. With the FoRSE™ Matrix system, all of this and more will be laid out right in front of your eyes and in your time.

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